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We specialise in creating eye-catching and thought-provoking content for Facebook and Instagram with a touch of love. Get in touch now and find out how we can take your business to the next level.


Our services

Creating content to get you noticed.

We create eye-catching photos and videos for your online presence whether that`s a profile, a business or a service.
We produce original entertaining, social media content about Malta as well as content about the Maltese lifestyle, people, services and brands.
This content will be promoted on all our LoveMalta channels (over 183k followers on IG, 25k followers on FB).
Our services suit all types of businesses from startups to global brands.
Working with us will put you in direct contact with a customer base that looks, listens and buys.
We also offer a `VIP Co-operation` where we`ll promote you exclusively on our LoveMalta channels for a specific period of time.

About LoveMalta

Created 5 years ago whilst working in Oman, LoveMalta was born out of love. We were determined to make an Instagram account for those who were passionate about Malta, both domestic and foreign, where users could share pictures and videos of the three main islands. Travel is built on memories and shared experiences, Malta is no different.

Instagram followers

183 000+

Facebook fans

25 000+

We started with a single picture and a smattering of followers who viewed us every day, liking and commenting on our content. Fast forward to 2019 and we have featured over 3000 pictures and videos with weekly impressions reaching 2 000 000 views. Almost 2/3 of our followers are based in Malta and this percentage grows.

As our 183K followers gets larger, we’re now entering a new era of social media. Due to heavy traffic and being a No.1 Instagram account for the Maltese Islands, we can expose our content to the vast audience that lives behind Instagram.

Working with us can be the reason you gain genuine, dedicated followers who not only know you and your brand but also spread the world to other customers. If this sounds like the opportunity you`re looking for then get in touch with us to see what services suit your needs.


LoveMalta has a customer-focused approach to our services. We ensure that we only produce high quality work and we treat your projects with the utmost care. When you choose LoveMalta you choose a company who believes in what they do and who can prove we can make a difference to your campaign (s).

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